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Thanks for those emails from readers who noticed our blog posts are not including the ftd.firetrench.com link.



We are working through a series of enhancements and spring cleaning of the FIRE Project public access portals. One change this week has been the ommission of the ftd.firetrench.com link from our blog postings. The URL is still active but is due for a number of upgrades during the coming months. As we are staffed by volunteers, work is fitted around committed volunteer hours and then worked according to current priorities, which sometimes have to change quickly.

When the Firetrench Directory started, it was part of another Project, UCI, which was working on Identity and Copyright issues. This Project is still live and continuing but is now running within a private community. The Firetrench Directory is due to expand and will carry database entries that will initially be for organizations that regularly contribute content to the FIRE Project in the form of news releases and information entries. This will allow us to upload this form of content without repeated information blocks on the organizations concerned. What we expect is that the Firetrench Directory entries will contain more background information and wider contact details that will include links to material held on servers outside the FIRE Project.

As we work through the ftd upgrades and extensions, we will take a view on whether the ftd.firetrench.com link will appear on all FIRE Project blog postings once more.

We are working to make information access faster and more directed on all FIRE Project portals, while increasing the choices for data mining to access related information. As many of our long term readers will know, the FIRE Project began in 1995 as an intelligent information research project (Flexible Information Resource Environment) and rapidly attracted a growing number of regular readers. That readership has expanded and the rate of expansion has become ever more rapid. That has required us to add resource several times during hte last year, and still the readership expands to use up that resource. In the process, we review system functions and work to achieve the best response times possible for what is an international information resource that is free at the point of reading.

We greatly appreciate all those readers who take time to ask questions, offer suggestions and query any changes, so once again thank you for those emails this week on the ftd links.

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