Owen Jones Tries Out “Kinder Politics” on Twitter


Welkomen to the post-democratic state

Owen Jones Tries Out “Kinder Politics” on Twitter
by technoguido

A Tory voter broke down on Question Time last night over the cuts to tax credits, sending much of Twitter into schadenfreude frenzy.

Big moment on Question Time: audience member tearfully asks why Tories are going to cut her tax credits pic.twitter.com/JvrW0xVo8v #bbcqt

— Jack Seale (@jackseale) October 15, 2015

Owen Jones, quite correctly, pointed out that these are the people who Labour should “throw everything” at:

For those berating her – “she deserves no pity etc”: how are we supposed to win if we castigate disillusioned Tory voters? Welcome them.

— Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) October 16, 2015

But his minions weren’t having any of it. Serves the Tory Scum right

A new, kinder politics… LOL

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