Brexit looks Bright, Remain looks Dull


OMG – what happens to my super pension if the Brits take their money and go?

It has been an eventful couple of weeks for the referendum debate with the launch of a second major Leave campaign followed by the shambolic mess which constituted the launch of the Remain campaign.

With the ‘Westminster Bubble’ temporarily moving outside London as the party conference season hit full gear, Get Britain Out was surprised to learn both major party conferences avoided the elephant in the room, well the other elephant if we ignore Jeremy Corbyn’s phobia of big red buttons. It seems politicians are ultimately more interested in securing their own chances of promotion within their party, than reflecting grassroots support for Brexit. The EU referendum was kept at arm’s length during the Conservative conference, as many MPs are putting party before country. Please read the article below. (The EU Referendum is Being Swept Under the Carpet)

??We unearthed the outrageous story of Angela Merkel being the frontrunner to win the Nobel Peace Prize. With Europe in complete and utter turmoil, dictator-like Merkel seemed laughably the favourite – you couldn’t make it up! However, in the end, the judges came to their senses and the Prize went to the National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia. Why was Merkel even on the list? (Merkel set to win Nobel prize after disastrous year for Europe)

Last Friday saw the launch of Vote Leave, a campaign which aims to champion Brexit through a combination of grassroots support, politicians, business leaders and new technology. They aim to build a nationwide network of volunteers to spread the world throughout the United Kingdom. We look forward to working with all the Remain / Out campaigns to Get Britain Out of the EU.

On Sunday Chris Carter, one of our Research Executives, was interviewed on Manchester Key 2 Radio, syndicated to 15 other stations, discussing the reasons why we need to Get Britain Out of the EU as well as discussing the recent developments in the referendum campaign. You can hear the radio interview in the link at the bottom of the page.

On Monday the Britain Stronger in Europe (the BSE campaign) launched with a fanfare which was by most accounts rather flat. Their first obvious fault concerns their name. They are using the emotive word ‘Europe’ in their name when we are all discussing the EU referendum. We all love Europe, we just hate being members of the EU. Aside from this, these stooges of Brussels appear to be under the delusion those who reject the tyranny of the EU somehow want to sail off into the Atlantic. The speech which signalled the campaign launch itself was crammed full of incorrect and misleading ‘facts’ which we have dispelled, in an open letter from our Director to Lord Rose of Monewden, Chairman of their campaign here.

We penned another open letter to the National Union of Students President, Megan Dunn, after she came out for the In campaign in article in the Independent. The letter dispelled some of the regular myths whipped up by Europhiles, and explained why young people shouldn’t be afraid of voting to Leave. The letter says that, should the public decide to vote to stay in the European Union one thing is for certain – our children and our grandchildren will have to grow up in a Britain with less democracy and less power than ever before. (An Open Letter to Megan Dunn, President of the NUS)

The P?resident of the European Commission??, Jean-Claude Juncker, was in hot water this week after he told a meeting of the European parliament: “We need Britain. Personally, I don’t think Britain needs the? ?European Union.?” Well, we think this is what he said… This controversy sparked a mass debate on whether Juncker really said what Get Britain Out has been saying for years! Have a listen for yourself at the bottom of the page, and see what your take on his comment was.

Finally, our latest piece for The Commentator discussed the EU’s selfish regulation against E-cigarette companies. Many public health bodies have admitted the ‘vaping’ industry is helping millions to ditch more harmful tobacco products, yet EU interference will put a reverse to this. By over-regulating and punishing innovative products, Brussels’ intentions are laid bare. They are clearly more influenced by lobbyists from big tobacco companies who hold the monopoly. By bending backwards to cater to these lobbyists, the EU is choosing vested interests over people’s health. (The EU Chooses Corporatism on E-Cigarettes)

It is important to spread the truth about the vital issues surrounding the EU referendum campaign. We need to pass the word to as many people as possible. So if your friends, family and colleagues are sympathetic to the cause or need more information about the need to Get Britain Out of the EU, please forward this email and encourage them to Sign Up to our campaign. As well as showing support, they will be kept in touch with our latest, in-depth campaign news. All information will remain confidential.

Thank you for your continued support. We will make sure when the Referendum finally comes, the Great British Public will make the right choice and vote to Get Britain Out.

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The Team at Get Britain Out

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