Owen Jones Tries Out “Kinder Politics” on Twitter


Welkomen to the post-democratic state

Owen Jones Tries Out “Kinder Politics” on Twitter
by technoguido

A Tory voter broke down on Question Time last night over the cuts to tax credits, sending much of Twitter into schadenfreude frenzy.

Big moment on Question Time: audience member tearfully asks why Tories are going to cut her tax credits pic.twitter.com/JvrW0xVo8v #bbcqt

— Jack Seale (@jackseale) October 15, 2015

Owen Jones, quite correctly, pointed out that these are the people who Labour should “throw everything” at:

For those berating her – “she deserves no pity etc”: how are we supposed to win if we castigate disillusioned Tory voters? Welcome them.

— Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) October 16, 2015

But his minions weren’t having any of it. Serves the Tory Scum right

A new, kinder politics… LOL

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Navy to begin search for El Faro in coming weeks; Wartsila engines for new Russian icebreaker

ElFaroSearch-aaa25d25ed3e47064adaa28b857936ed L

Navy to begin search for El Faro in coming weeks
October 9, 2015—Over the next several weeks, the U.S. Navy will begin searching for the 790 ft containership El Faro, which is believed to have sunk near the Crooked Islands in the Bahamas. In a press briefing yesterday, National Transportation Safety Board Vice-Chairman Bella Dinh-Zarr said that the Navy would use specialized equipment, including side scan sonar and ROVs to locate the ship and its Voyage Data Recorder or black box.





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