Calls Increase for Resignation of Odious Labour MEP


As the calls for Richard Howitt, the odious Labour MEP and serial liar, to resign increase, Labour Party Headquarters just shrug their shoulders – after all he is just following Labour Party policy to make vile slanders and libels against Ukip

Richard Howitt has led a very undistinguished political life and proved a very poor MEP, so maybe he just wanted to be noticed by his Party and fast tracked for a Westminster seat and a ministerial post.

From the start of 2014 a seriously rattled Labour Party has been increasingly desperate in its attempts to smear Ukip and halt the major gains Nigel Farage has been making into what Labour regards as its proprietary territories.

Official Labour leaflets have contained claims that the Labour Party knows to be fraudulent against Ukip.

Labour will not sack the vile MEP Howitt because he is only following Labour Party policies intended to divert attention from their own lack of credible policies and their continuing support for paedophiles.

As Labour won’t sack this low-life Howitt, and it is exceedingly unlikely he will resign as an MEP, perhaps it is time for the advertising watchdog to take up the case.

It is wrong that a main stream political Party should, as standard policy deliberately, circulate lies in the way that the Labour Party is doing. Given their inability to follow any norms of civilized society, perhaps they should be banned from making any Party Political Broadcasts for the next two years.

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