Rein in the IRS Rallies Tomorrow


Tomorrow, patriots across the country will be hitting the streets to protest the IRS. The recent revelations about the IRS discriminating against Tea Party and Patriot groups will not be tolerated. The IRS violated the first amendment and now it is time to let them know that our freedom of speech will not be infringed.


Firetrench Directory

At noon tomorrow across the country, join patriots across the country at 12pm local time as we make our voices heard. Click to find protest locations near you.

You will also find tools available on our site to help with the actions tomorrow.

1. Talking points
2. Sample letter to the editor
3. Sample letter to Senator
4. Sample Tweets
5. An infographic showing the IRS scandal timeline
6. A sample press release – IRS Abuse of Power
7. Sample sign messages for protest
8. Sample blog post
9. Sample press release – IRS Protests

Patriots, this is exactly why we exist. To push back when our government violates the constitution. Now is the time to stand!

-Tea Party Patriots Support Team

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