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I must study politics and war that my sons may have
liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.
– John Adams

When we stood up together as Patriots, to fight for America’s founding principles, we knew that we were in a war. Not a war of our choosing. A war of necessity, against those on the left who want to erode America’s founding principles.


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Now, we find ourselves in a two-front war to defend America’s founding principles: against the left – and now against the so-called right.

Our second opponent is the Republican Party establishment and their pundit-class enablers in Washington DC.

In just a few short weeks since the Republican establishment’s hand-picked candidate led the Republican Party to defeat, the establishment has turned its sights on you – to blame you for their loss and for the weakness they have shown since their loss.

They have accused you, and millions of your fellow grassroots Patriots, of being what’s wrong about America. Why? Because we want fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limited government, and free markets. That’s not what’s wrong about America. That’s what has been historically – and uniquely – right about America since our founding.

Not according to the Washington DC power establishment of elected officials, political staff, consultants, media pundits, and even some former “friends.” They have declared war on us, in a desperate attempt to hold on to their shrinking slivers of power and influence.


We are in a war for the heart and soul and Constitution of America. It is a war we must fight, and a war we must win.

This week, Speaker John Boehner purged three fiscally responsible Representatives from budget related committees. We melted Boehner’s phone lines. There were long waits on hold, and some of our fellow Patriots were hung up on by Boehner’s office, in a show of disdain for We the People.

We also called the three Congressmen who were purged from their committee assignments by Speaker Boehner, to let them know that we have not abandoned them like Boehner did, and that we will stand with them as they keep standing up to fight for our shared values and principles.


Today we need to know if you are with us. We, the People, will not go away. We will not give up. We are here to fight this war, not to surrender. If our next battles have to be against those who are sitting in leadership and Speakership positions because of the majority we handed to them, so be it. We did not choose this war. We did not choose our opponents. They chose to wage war on us – and on the principles we hold dear as Americans.

We are marshaling our forces for the battles ahead, and we need to know if you will fight for what’s right about America, or will you surrender?


PS: We want to give a special hat tip to our fellow Americans who have not surrendered, and who are helping us get the word out, including: Breitbart.com, RedState, and TheBlaze. We know that ForAmerica, FreedomWorks, American Commitment, Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Foundation, and American Majority, among others have all had special calls to action this week, and we appreciate their commitment to our cause as well. We are in this together and we appreciate those who are willing to stand up and fight against those who are fighting against us.

PPS: In case you find it hard to believe just how bad the establishment has been toward us, you can check these links to see what is happening in the news.

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Boehner pulling Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert from their committee assignments as punishment. Amash and Hueslkamp were 2 of 22 who voted against Boehner on “Boehner Bill” which was after Cut, Cap, and Balance and before the ultimate debt ceiling deal.

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Not once was “tea party” mentioned at RNC Convention. One link more from Mediate.

Ann Coulter saying Romney was the perfect candidate and attacking Jenny Beth and the tea party by name. If Romney was so perfect, why’d he get a million less votes than McCain Palin did in 2008?

David Frum blaming Tea Party for Romney’s loss before Election Day. While all of the volunteers were working hard to win for Romney his supporters were not working hard but looking to blame you the volunteers for the loss. And, David Frum has written a book for sale on iBooks only 2 days after Election Day so he could profit from his jibberish. Did you have time to write a book to profit from Romney’s loss 3 days after Election Day or were you trying to recover from the sleepless nights, countless phone calls and doors knocked, and still putting Band-Aids on the paper cuts from he campaign?

Former Republican Research Director saying we need to be called out as conspiracy theorist as William F. Buckley did to John Birchers years ago

Incestuous spending, contracts, positions with Crossroads, Romney, and Bush Campaigns

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