Unique Collaboration Yields Secure and Resilient Virtual Computing Platform for Sensitive Cloud Deployments

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Fritz Technologies, LynuxWorks and TransLattice bring technology
and expertise together to produce S.E.C.U.R.E platform solution

San Jose, CA, March 28th 2010 – Three companies known for their innovation in producing solutions for Government and DoD applications, LynuxWorks, TransLattice and Fritz Technologies, today announced a collaboration of their technologies and expertise to provide a new platform for building cloud deployments in sensitive environments. The resulting S.E.C.U.R.E (Secure, Enterprise, Cross-Domain, Unified, Resilient Environment ) solution creates the ideal environment for situations requiring secure hosting of applications, geographic redundancy of applications and data, and secure cross-domain transfer of information.


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Fritz Technologies, working with the LynxSecure 4.0 separation kernel from LynuxWorks, delivered a first-generation secure server-based separation kernel (SepKer) solution, successfully demonstrating that SepKer technology can incorporate trusted boot via the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and enhanced administrative tooling required to support the hosting of multiple domains and application missions, whether in a data center, aboard ship, airborne or for terrestrial deployment.

To add resiliency and efficiency to the already significant benefits provided by SepKer virtualization, LynuxWorks and Fritz worked with TransLattice to incorporate their state-of-the-art “lattice” application and data distribution solution into the SepKer platform. The TransLattice technology, the TransLattice Application Platform (TAP), fully distributes both the application and its data across multiple VM’s and system platforms within a secure domain, ensuring non-stop operations, even in the case of the loss of one or more components of the computing “lattice”. This means that mission-critical applications and data are fully distributed and the loss of an individual system (node) or multiple nodes does not endanger the continued efficient operation of the application.

“It is a remarkable achievement that three innovators can come together with the sole purpose of producing a solution that meets the exacting requirements of sensitive cloud deployments” said Bobbi-Michelle Wehrfritz, CEO of Fritz Technologies. “Our Government customers and fellow system integrators will be very interested in the comprehensive platform that we have built”.

The S.E.C.U.R.E. solution utilizes the LynxSecure 5.0 virtualization platform from LynuxWorks running on a standard x86 based server, and offers secure virtual machine domains running unmodified guest operating systems including Linux, Solaris and Windows. The TransLattice Application Platform (TAP) runs in one or multiple secure domains providing globally distributed, resilient application and data support. The S.E.C.U.R.E. platform uses TPM for trusted boot, and offers secure domain separation between Unclass, Secret and Top Secret domains with optional support for cross-domain transfer under tight control via accredited guard/filter solutions. Other system features will include user-friendly administrative tools to efficiently manage the VM farms with audit reduction, monitoring and management tools to ensure safe and efficient system operations.

“We are very confident that the S.E.C.U.R.E platform will help meet the needs of our customers who build secure cloud systems and providing access to sensitive information,” said Frank Huerta, CEO and co-founder at TransLattice. “By working closely with both LynuxWorks and Fritz Technologies, we have both the technologies and expertise that provides a great environment for our TAP solution”

The ability of the S.E.C.U.R.E. solution to consolidate multiple applications onto VM’s on a single server platform while maintaining complete separation delivers cost efficiency from hardware consolidation, deployment agility by using standard operating systems, increased security by using a virtualization solution specially designed to meet the demanding needs of military deployments, and reliability by using a lattice approach for data distribution and resilience.

“Both Fritz Technologies and TransLattice have proven to be very reliable partners for us as we take our LynxSecure technology to our customers” said Gurjot Singh, CEO and president at LynuxWorks. “This new platform is a very exciting step in our relationships and we believe this will help our customers to successfully build and deploy the next generation of secure cloud systems”

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