Was Smear to Bury a Story?


Whig Minister Chris Hune attempted to smear anyone who does not agree with climate fraudsters by suggesting they were Nazis. Coming together with the attempt by fellow Whig Minister Cable to smear US politicians as mentally unstable Nazis it could suggest a new Whig policy to gain publicity, but this may have been an attempt to bury a story about Hune.


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Chris Hune, who wants to replace Whig leader Clegg, tried grabbing the headlines by denouncing anyone who fails to agree fully with climate fraudsters as a Nazi, following similar attempts by Eurocrats to smear such heretics as holocaust deniers. In itself a significant story at face value because climate fraudsters and eco-Luddites are attempting to reposition themselves after a series of scandals have been uncovered showing the extent of climate fraud propaganda and big lies, but there may be rather more to the story than that.

Hune made his statement as the DPP moved towards prosecuting him for fraud in a traffic offence. The claim is that Hune, then an MEP, was traveling back from Brussels and preparing to stand as a candidate for the Westminster elections, was caught by one of the many tax cameras set up to milk British motorists. In due course the police sent him a letter giving him the opportunity to pay the tax or go to court. It is claimed that he wrote back saying that his then wife was driving the vehicle at the time and was responsible for the payment and to accept the penalty points on her license. The apparent motivation that a 3 point penalty on his license would lead to a ban and without a valid driving license he would find contesting the Westminster seat very difficult. It is understood that a number of other driving offences had taken him close to the number of penalties that would require a ban from driving.

His then wife duly received notice of prosecution. It has been claimed that he placed her under extreme pressure to collude in his lie to police and accept the penalty points on her clean driving license.

Hume then dumped his wife for a bi-sexual mistress and the speeding offence situation emerged when she wrote a book.

The DPP seems keen to make an example of both Hune and his former wife. Hune appears to believe that his ex-wife will try to avoid implicating herself in supporting his lies and the DPP will decide no to prosecute. That may be a vain hope but he is still determined to avoid publicity and try to bury the story.


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