2011 FIRE Project Upgrade Program


The 2011 upgrade program for the FIRE Project is well underway and the visible signs are the new portals for Aerospace & Defence News, Nighthawk (publishing and creative arts), and the new Firetrench eBookshop.

During the course of 2011, the FIRE Project development team will be opening new portals and providing news portals for all topic groups open to public access.

As the upgrade program rolls out, some databases will temporarily come out of service. This will enable the development team to upgrade databases and the AIMS intelligent management system, improving links and replacing some algorithms.


Firetrench Directory

New Aerospace & Defence Portal

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The Firetrench Aerospace & Defence News portal has been changed.

This is part of the 2011 Technical Upgrades Programme.

As we synchronize and lock the elements relating to aerospace and defence, the primary Firetrench Aeropsace & Defence URL has been repointed at the ASD News location.

We expect to complete all related work during the next two weeks.

On completion, all aerospace and defence related news and information will be re-enabled.


ASD News

Firetrench Directory